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Jason Moss Racing

Putting On My Race Face!!! a VERY Special Place For Me!!Welcome to my Official website.

As you can guess I like to race in professional racing karts. I have been racing for three years now. I am nine years old and soon will be ten.

I live and race in western Tennessee just north of Memphis. I come from a racing family and you can read all about it on the About Me page here on the site. I will have a lot of racing pictures, plus a lot of pictures of my friends and things I like to do.

Please visit often and see the new pictures and read about me and my family, my pets, and all my friends.

The 2009 Atoka Raceway Park Track Champion

Just a note here to explain something. You may be asking yourself why there is a Cleveland Indian Logo here on my site. Actually it has to do with the respect and honor of someone I never met. You will see it all over my site, and if you look closely in our race pits, you may see it there as well. It started out when my dad first started racing back in 1991 as a good luck charm and to honor his grandfather, who was a huge Cleveland Indian Fan. And so it continues as a very important part of our race team to honor a Great-Grandfather I never got to meet..........Kelsey

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